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Friday March 13th from 6-10pm (it usually goes until 11)

This is part of the famous PASADENA ART NIGHT, 730 N. Fairoaks Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103

Gallery Show Items FOR SALE:

Gallery of Functional Art and Lois Lambert Gallery

Bergamot Station

2525 Michigan Avenue, E-3

Santa Monica, CA

Ph: 310.829.6990

Hours: Tuesdays thru Saturdays 11am-6pm Sundays 12pm-4pm

  Atomic Woman and Spanky
7.5'h x 32"w 2'h x 3'l x 1'd

  Ant Man Barbosa
7' h x 38"d2'd x 3'4"l x 3'8"h
  Stellar Rocket
10'5" h x 32"w
Black light Interior
  Universal Pilot
6'h x 4'6"
  Rocket Motorcycle Car
15'l x 6'w
Goes over 100mph
  Space Fly
2'h x 4'w
  Big Red Entertainment Center
6"6"h x 44"w
TV and spy camera
  Little Red Entertainment Center
69"h x 32"w
6'9"h x 39"w
wiith weather radio
  Atomic Submarine
13' x 2'6"
5'h x 28"w
  Golden-Eyed Watch Dog
6'w x 15"d x 11"h

  Brass Bust Watch Dog
11"d x 10"w x 15"h
  Small Big-Eyed Watch Dog
6"w x 12"d x 11"h
  Large Watch Dog
11"w x 24d" x 20"h
  Copper prop-driven ship
11'h x 4'4"w
  Black Submarine
10"d x 4'6"w

  Mini Boat
8" x 19"
  Aluminum Spy Ship
10"d x 4'6" w
  Vintage Red Engine
14"d x 3'8"w
  Brass Rear Engine
11"d x 3"5" w
  Two Seat Touring Car with Humidor
39" w x 13"h x 10"d
  XJV 7 Experimental
1'd x 4'w
  Aluminum Front Engine
14"w x 6'd
  Aluminum Twin Engine
1'd x 5'6"w
  Nuclear Tank
11"d x 4'w
  Wilbur Robodog
9"w x 2'h 9"w x 14"h
  Timeless Lamp
32'w x 7'6"h
  Space Globe
33'd x 37"h