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Baron Margo is a prolific Los Angeles artist whose unique metalworks include robots, spacecrafts, whimiscal metal creatures as well as concept metal cars, boats, planes and trains. Born in Florida, if you ask him, he says he's lived in L.A. "Foreva". When asked what inspires him to create his unique brand of fantasy-meets-reality he will tell you, "Everything"! though he will concede his second favorite artist (second only to himself!) is Dali. Not one to mince words (wink! wink!) he is always quick with an answer that usually throws everyone off guard. When asked about his upbringing he will tell you it was "Normal", though there is nothing normal about the man or his amazing creations. His collection of Art Cars is a collaboration with great fabricators and his keen eye that was inspired by his belief that the automobiles of today should be more futuristic and imaginative than they are. When cruising around town these always draw A LOT of attention. When asked by curious on-lookers, "What is that?" His reply would be, "Just your everyday, average rocket ship!" Well we should all be so lucky. Anyone whose had a glimpse into "Baron's World" usually walks away with a little inspiration and a big smile.

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